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Our Retreats
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October 6 -11, 2024
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September 7 & 8, 2024
September 16 to 20, 2024
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Come back and check in with us soon for our next retreat dates in sunny Mexico!

Welcome to Resilience through Holistic Wellness at Dr. Shelly’s Retreat, a transformative journey guiding you to rediscover natural connections and resilience. Through mindful practices like Yoga, Pilates, and Breathwork, empower your mind and mobilize your body, finding balance within. Dr. Shelly emphasizes rest, recovery, and rejuvenation, promoting learning while lounging in your sanctuary. Rediscover your innate self-care abilities, embracing a holistic approach to wellness that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. Immerse yourself in transformative practices, including the Melt Method, and unlock your inherent resilience. Learn to stabilize, mobilize, and find equilibrium through Breathwork, Mindfulness, and the profound effects of Vagus nerve and parasympathetic stimulation. This retreat sanctuary experience is designed to empower and renew your sense of self-care and resiliency.

Blissful Nature

​Let Nature hold you inside its incredible gentle power.
Each location has been mindfully selected as an integral part of the transformational experience.

Dr Shelly’s curated offerings are intended to rebalance and awaken the regenerative power of your body,
mind and spirit.

As Dr Shelly's welcomed guest, you’ll enjoy your days in and around the healing beauty of choice luxury hotels, secluded & nestled in nature, intentionally off the beaten path. An immersive environment - quiet, healing, rebalancing, rejuvenating



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Retreats Include:

Introduction to Vagus Nerve & your Parasympathetic Nervous System
Reboot, Rebalance – reduce stress & improve cognitive performance/behaviour

Rolling & Massaging – with Melt Method and Spa treatments
Boost parasympathetic response, reduce tension, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Breathwork can elicit the parasympathetic nervous system response to enhance recovery, calm and digestion. Introduction to Nasal breathing for optimal health.

Fundamental movements
Regardless of age or performance level, there are a spectrum of movements that encapsulate the way our bodies interact with the world enabling us to perform everyday activities.

Functional Movement & Neuro-Strengthening
Reconnect your brain and your body via neuro stabilization & your auto pilot. Then everything functions more efficiently. Then with resistance improve muscle tone and coordination, boost mitochondrial function and neurotransmitter production

Yoga & Pilates
Integrate mind, body and energy, connect with how your body moves best, reestablish a stable & strong center allowing for a mobile, strong body, improve mood, reduce stress and build strength, flexibility and balance.

Nature Therapy
The healing effects of nature; grounding with walks and hikes, absorbing negative ions from beach or river. Each location holds a special energy and experience, as does each moment.

Guided Mindfulness
Pause and awaken awareness to the present moment. Short guided meditations in joyful sitting, walking, being.

Connection Experiences
Connect with the country, culture, people, cuisine, and natural beauty of the area you are visiting. * Each retreat offers special experiences specific to the local and season.

Daily educational workshops covering: Brain, Breath and Body, Neuro Fascial Network, Nervous system rebalance, Mindful eating, Wellness and how to make choices that work for YOU!

Mindfulness Nutritional Support

A mindful eating protocol designed to reduce inflammation, reverse deficiencies and help you connect to foods that you love and that love you back.

50 % deposit required. All deposits are non-refundable​.
Remaining Balance is due 30 days before the retreat start date.


Please note before booking, that Dr Shelly is a degreed MD but not licensed or practicing physician.
We do NOT have medically trained staff, and we do NOT give medical advice.
All participants are responsible to get clearance from their doctor before participating in any of our programs.

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