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Dr. Shelly’s Pillars of Wellness

Wellness has become a hot topic, as people strive to become the best versions of themselves and age more comfortably. Dr. Shelly’s pillars of wellness will offer valuable insights and a sense of how to work towards optimal wellness.  It is important to note that these principles are not meant to be prescriptive, as the path to wellness is unique for each individual.

The idea of incorporating pillars into your routine might sound daunting as you begin your wellness journey. But chances are, you’re already using at least a few of these pillars already. Lets break down each pillar and give you actionable steps to develop them in your life. Dr. Shelly calls these TLC – Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes - creating new habits mindfully & slowly incorporating them into your life.


Physical wellness encompasses much more than just exercise. Movement, which is essential for your body, is not limited to intense and goal oriented exercise. Dr. Shelly emphasizes that movement can be expansive, fun and attainable for anyone. On the flip side, sufficient sleep is also crucial for wellness. Dr. Shelly provides guidance on mindfully preparing for sleep and highlights the importance of incorporating both Movement & Sleep into your wellness routine.

Dance Lesson


Stress can significantly impact overall wellness and health. The emotional/mental wellness pillar focuses on gaining awareness of your thoughts and emotions, understanding their effects on you, and effectively communicating with yourself and others.  Dr. Shelly introduces mindfulness through easily accessible guided meditations, walking and sound meditations, and simple breathwork. The practice of mindfulness is not asking you to stop your mind from thinking. Bringing mindfulness (not judgement) invites you to return to stillness and silence, reducing stress and promoting emotional wellness.


Emphasizes the importance of gaining awareness and mindfulness of your entire system, including your body, mind, and spirit. It encourages you to go beyond your habits and conscious mind to relate to your inner and outer needs. Understanding the interconnectedness of your body, mind, spirit, thoughts, and breath is a lifelong journey. Every moment presents an opportunity to reconnect.



Though nutrition also falls under physical wellness, it is such an important component of overall health that it’s represented in its own pillar. Dr. Shelly emphasizes the importance of eating a balanced diet, with a focus on whole foods and a plant predominant eating pattern. Each individual’s dietary needs may vary depending on age, sex, activity level, and body chemistry. The key is to approach what you eat mindfully, finding a sustainable and enjoyable way to nourish your body, mind and taste buds.  


Social wellness encompasses our connections and relationships with others. Humans are naturally social beings, and through daily interactions, we gain insights into ourselves and our place in the world. Building positive relationships & resolving conflicts in a healthy and respectful manner are essential components of social connection and wellness. Strong support systems, formed through friendships and relationships, can be invaluable during times of stress and hardrship. And of course connection is simply divine, when you feel seen, heard and loved,


Intellectual wellness involves staying open to new experiences & information, along with being receptive to change, and embracing challenges. Continuously seeking knowledge and engaging in intellectual pursuits beyond formal education helps to expand your skills and interests throughout life. Intellectual wellness can be fostered through deep conversations, brain puzzles, podcasts, and reading about new subjects.


Rebalance goes hand in hand with Reconnect. Dr. Shelly introduces the Melt Method, a combination of mindful meditation, breath-work and restorative self-fascial release techniques, to help you reconnect and rebalance your body & mind. The method focuses on restoring neurological stability, quieting the stress components of your nervous system and boosting the body’s natural repair and regulation. Maintaining supple and hydrated connective tissue, especially during times f high stress, is crucial for overall wellness.

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